Ready to Thrive?

Let's collaborate together and achieve great results.

The days of passive marketing are gone. The tactics you used in the past to attract new patients are not the same. Let me show you a content marketing strategy that works today. 

I design targeted healthcare content that attracts, motivates, and optimizes the experience of your audience. 

Content Strategy

Content is king! Why? 

It's simple. High-quality content is the driving force of any successful digital marketing strategy. 

Through targeted healthcare content, you will be able to attract the right visitors to your website and convert them into valuable customers. 

At Health Discourse, we believe that short-term content solutions are not enough. You won't go too far with quick fixes. 

We love to challenge our customers to think outside the box and help them to design a content strategy roadmap that delivers results. 

Website Design

I work with an outstanding team of web and graphic designers to develop high-quality, customized, creative, responsive, and compliant websites. 

Your success is our priority.  We want to help you to reach qualified patients, increase your revenue, and grow your medical practice.

Content Creation

Are you a healthcare organization, medical device, physician, chiropractors, or wellness organization looking for valuable content for your blog, website, social media, or marketing campaign?

At Health Discourse, we are not afraid to dive into complex healthcare topics and develop content that is clear, concise, relevant, and engaging to the target audience. 

My team of writers and I work exclusively with healthcare organizations, hospitals, groups, digital health, wellness organizations, community organizations, medical devices, and more. 

Medical Writing

As a public health professional, I am very passionate about educating people to live healthier lives. For the past three years, I have developed healthcare content that is evidence-based, educational, plain language, and that resonates with my clients' target audience.

If you are looking for specialized or scientific health information, I'm your girl!